Individual consultation

We are happy to invite you to meet representatives of our company during the design stage of a project already so that we better understand your wishes and desires, and later discuss how to employ technical advantages and options to the best possible way. We will advise about choices and what things should be given more attention. We'll provide a comprehensive and informative offer including cost estimates.


The company's employees will come to the site to take precise measurements of planes, gauge the surfaces on which products will be installed, and distances needed to ensure safety. It is necessary to make exact locations for electrical outlets and other such "tricks" – glass is not like paper – it can't be later cut off :)
When it comes to manufacturing, fitting and installation of windows, doors, and façades, and correct measurements are essential, such as whether distance between an item and wall is not too big, whether a seam will protect from cold, heat and noise, whether the windowsill slope is right, whether an item will be comfortable in use.

Thus, when taking measurements we'll estimate:

  • if a house is under renovation or newly built, the state of exterior and interior finish of a building;
  • the way apertures have been prepared (we select options for product fixing);
  • use of windowsills and required profiles. 


Precisely made measurements help estimating an accurate price and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Often a customer arrives at our company already having his or her own unique idea. Our mission is to implement all the dreams! Therefore, having evaluated local conditions, we choose glass of required thickness, glass fittings, suggest joining elements which not only result in an esthetical appearance but also give functionality to a structure. We make no allowances when it concerns quality and safety!


We cooperate with the world's leading glass manufacturers and suppliers, and all the products on offer possess EU certificates and fully conform to all the quality standards and requirements applicable in the EU. As much as 80 percent of performance of orders relies on the quality of installation works and installation and sealing materials. A properly made installation has a direct influence on the product properties: heat parameters, sound insulation, comfort of use, and durability.

Our installation works are in compliance with the Construction Regulations ST 2491109.01: 2012 (Installation of windows, doors and their assemblies) approved by the National Association of Window and Door Manufacturers.
For the purpose of installation and packing we use exclusively premium certified materials.


We provide warranty for both products and installation works.